Visual Identity, Illustration

New York City

Pizza Festival

Catreen Yoon

Eunji Kim

Harbor Bickmore

Chaoqun Wang

Jennifer Bowles

Logo, illustration

Logo, video

Poster, typography, merch.

Art direction, web design


For the NYC Pizza Festival, the experience around this iconic cuisine is reimagined through this branding. Moving away from the pseudo-Italian aesthetic typically associated with pizza, the youth counterculture surrounding it is embraced instead. Visual cues from psychedelia, skater culture, and acid graphics are all reinterpreted through a contemporary lens. Type, color, pattern, Illustration, and voice are all carefully considered into a system of visual identity that screams “this is not your grandma’s pizza festival.” So, here’s to the Kidults, the Stoners, and the Skate Rats. Here’s to the other kind of pizza lovers.

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