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Makey Makes

Makey Makes is an app that aims to inspire creativity and provide practical knowledge to the new generation of early adopters by utilizing gamified learning to educate children on how to create and print 3D models. As a result of a five-step design process that began from redesigning a piece of a disposed object, this app concept sheds light on how a product is imagined and built through rapid prototyping, insights, user journeys, and campaigns. 

Part One

Redesigning "Trash"

For the first step of the assignment, we were to imagine a hundred ways to redesign the very first piece of trash we discard after the assignment was given. Then, one of the hundred ideas was selected to be made into a rough prototype. 

Disgarded Item: Disposable Chopsticks

Examples of idea sketches

Prototype of attachable silicone brush for soy sauce application

Part Two

Prototype to Product

Next, we pushed our prototype into a product based on the insights drawn from a deeper dive into the cultural and social aspects surrounding the initial object. 

Think'em, Make'em, Stiik'em.

Through the three insights, I concluded that the final product isn't a singular chopstick-enhancing object, but a platform that lets people express their diverse artistry, knowledge, and life experiences through the act of making and sharing. The resulting digital product is Stiik'em, an opensource platform for 3D printable chopstick extensions that lets anyone upload their creations, discover innovative items, and turn their own ideas into reality through 3D printing.

Stiik'em explore page for discovering popular creations

The Makerbot Lab page where users can upload their 3D files to have a printed object delivered

Part Three

Define & Expand

Through mapping out a mock collaboration campaign with an existing organization, we clarified

and defined the essence of our product. Then, we expanded it into a new platform that represents that core identity.  

Stiik’em X Arthritis Association

A crowdsourced design competition where people submit their 3D printable chopstick attachment that may help people with arthritis. The winning design will be mass-produced into a product and sold on the Stiik’em website.  Part of the proceeds will go to the arthritis research.

(User journey below) 

The Spirit of D.I.Y.T

The collaboration with the Arthritis Association revealed how Stiik'em is a community of makers at its core, united under the spirit of D.I.Y.T, or Do It Yourself Together. To further expand this to a new platform, I applied the philosophy that one of the most crucial missions of a community is to educate its youths.  This line of thought resulted in Makey Makes, an education software that teaches children how to create 3D models. 

Stiik'em logo system applied to Makey Makes identity


Part Four

Designing Makey Makes

After the concept of Makey Makes has been formed, the child-friendly and gamified nature of the product was visualized through the use of a relatable mascot and cartoon-like animation. Then, the voice of the brand was established via an exercise in surface mockups. 

Makey is a friendly 3D printer that is always excited to teach their friends the magic of 3D modeling. They will follow you along as you learn how to create the most amazing things.

Meet Makey

Navigating the Lessons

The Makey Makes app features a home screen where you can easily revisit your past creations, check your progress and achievements in the profile, and keep in touch with fellow makers on the friends page. For the lessons, you can follow along with a map that will guide and teach you starting from the very basics. 

Empowerment Through Education

 Through the use of encouraging language that does not talk down to children and an online presence that provides tutorials and resources, Makey Makes establishes itself as a brand that empowers and educates children to be freely creative.

Youtube Channel with 3D modeling tutorials & collaboration videos with Pixar artists