marmite hero.png
Visual Identity, Illustration

La marmite

French Bistro

Nestled in a residential alleyway in Seoul, La Marmite is a small traditional French style bistro that prides itself for two things: their rustic seasonal ingredients and their authentic French cuisine. Sourcing produce from local farmers while introducing ingredients such as rabbit meat that may be new to its Korean audience, La Marmite is a piece of Paris dropped in the middle of the city of Seoul. 

Old Paris in New Seoul

Type, color and illsutraton work in unison to craft a sense of Parisienne nostalgia. The logo features a humanist font Gill Sans and a geometric display type that harkens back to the Golden Age of Paris in the 1920s when Art Deco inspired signage decked its streets.  While the color scheme references the famous French artist Toulouse Lautrec and the various absinthian paintings of his time, the woodblock print-like illustration of the French Boar reminds the audience of the old picture book fables they grew up with.

pattern assets and logo on coasters

Think'em, Make'em, Stiik'em.

Through the three insights, I concluded that the final product isn't a singular chopstick-enhancing object, but a platform that lets people express their diverse artistry, knowledge, and life experiences through the act of making and sharing. The resulting digital product is Stiik'em, an opensource platform for 3D printable chopstick extensions that lets anyone upload their creations, discover innovative items, and turn their own ideas into reality through 3D printing.