Visual Identity, Typography

Katz's Delicatessen

Handed down through family and friends since its establishment in 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen is the oldest Jewish deli in New York City and a cultural icon that still draws many tourists and locals alike. Instead of completely revamping the brand, this rebranding project really focuses on elevating Katz's while conserving and honoring their tradition to highlight the essence and authenticity of the joint.

Bringing Back the Icon

As one can observe through their original logo, one of Katz's most iconic features is the building itself. For the logo, the building has been boiled down to its most recognizable essence that is its neon sign. To let the customers bring a piece of the historic restaurant home, brand assets that highlight parts of the store and the store's custom were created.

One of many recognizable neon signs within Katz's Deli

The meal tickets are (in)famous for being mandatory to be returned when exiting the restaurant

Business cards are modeled after the meal tickets

Please Refer to the Menu

To create an ownable typographic system for Katz's Deli, various signs within the store were observed and referred to. The blue & red type on top of the faded white background screams old-school deli, while the playful mixture of serif, sans-serif, hand-written, and script typefaces are stretched and pulled in unassuming ways to signal a sort of authenticity befitting Katz's. 

(Right) postcards referencing signs in store

(Left) Various type seen in Katz's Deli