Visual Identity, Packaging, Motion


Avoplast is a brand of biodegradable cutlery formed with bioplastic made of discarded avocado seeds. As the first bioplastic made of non-food based organic material, Avoplast is a revolutionary product that speaks for itself. By educating their audience about their cutleries, Avoplast aims to promote an easy way to lead a greener lifestyle. 

Inform and Impact

Avoplast is punchy and direct. It tells the audience like it is right on the box: we are a "ground-breaking, eco-friendly, fast-composting, super-sturdy cutlery made of avocado seeds." All sides of the box are utilized to educate the users about the facts and history behind Avoplast, and even the inside of the box teaches the customer how to use it as a sprouter after they're done with it in order to uphold the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Complimentary seeds and instruction on how to use the container as a sprout box

Avoca-doing Good

Avocados have been ingrained in popular culture as a symbol of millennial entitlement a-la the avocado toast. While keeping the kinetic energy of the youth with its tumbling motion, Avoplast reclaims the symbol of avocados and reframes it as something altruistic and good as a nod towards the most environmentally conscious generation of all time.